The Macross Universe is probably the widest ranging Universe to roleplay in, with the exception of the Star Wars Universe which features a heavily populated Galaxy. However though, no roleplay has ever been done for the Official Macross timeline. Although, Robotech and Macross II, which can be termed as Macross spin off's both have roleplays created by Palladium Books. Why no RPG for Macross/Macross Plus/Macross 7 then I hear you ask. This is something which I asked Palladium, and received a reply from Mary-Ann Siembeda. According to Mary-Ann it would cost Palladium far too much money to buy the rights from Big West to create a Macross/Macross Plus/Macross 7 roleplay, due to the phenominal success of the Official Macross timeline. Although recently it has been revealed that Palladium Books have chosen not to renew the licences on the Robotech or Macross II lines, however their official response is that this may change in the future but who knows.

It has therefore effectively been left up to us fans of Macross to create our own Macross Roleplay. Of course the first thing to do was to create or adopt an RPG engine, and of Palladium's was the obvious choice, as with a little adaptation the Macross II RPG Books can be used as a base for a Macross RPG.

To play a Macross timeline Campaign you will need three books. The Macross II RPG Book for the RPG engine, skills, etc. The second book you will need is also printed by Palladium, and is called The Zentraedi. This books details the Zentraedi ships and more intricate details on their mecha and basic OCC's. The third and final book is the Robotech RPG Book 1, this is essential if you intend to play Destroid Pilots. Although Destroids are no longer used in Macross Plus and Macross 7, having been phased out shortly after Space War I, there were plenty on the earliest Megaroad Colony Ships, and they are certainly around if your going to play an early Macross game.

Every other stat you will need can be found on my homepage in the stats section. Stats Terminal The Stats Terminal of my homepage has links to any and all stats you should need either on my homepage, or on other peoples. It is also regularly updated. You can either use the OCC's from the Macross II RPG Book or the one's that I have done below which are slightly expanded versions, and include new OCC's as well.

Skill changes

I have written below some changes in the Macross II skill names so as to make them easier to remember and to use with Dave Deitrich's Variable Fighter stats.


Robot Combat & Flying:VF Series Valkyries   -   Pilot Variable Fighter
Robot Combat(Elite)                         -   Mecha Combat
Robot Mechanics                             -   Mecha Mechanics
Robot Electronics                           -   Mecha Electronics
New Skills

(1)Pilot:     Spacecraft                   40% +4%
(2)Military:  Camouflage                   20% +5%
(3)Military:  Military Etiquette           25% +5%
(4)Military:  Parachuting                  40% +5%
(5)Pilot:     Warships/Patrol Boats        40% +4%
(6)Science:   Marine Biology               35%/25% +5%
(7)Science:   Ocean Geographic Surveying   15% +5%
(8)Science:   Undersea Farming             35% +5%
(9)Physical:  Zero-G Movement              50% +5%
(10)Lore                                   30% +5%        

New Skill Descriptions

(1)This skill applies to all large spacecraft such as the New Macross, Ark Royal & Northampton vessels.
(2)The ability to conceal oneself, vehicles, mecha and buildings to blend into the surrounding area.
(3)The knowledge of military ranks, procedures, formations, etc. Every military character gets this at 30% with no increases regardless of rank.
(4)Military training in the use of parachuting from an aircraft or space ship in an atmosphere. Involves all types of training and techniques.
(5)This skills allows personnel to pilot the large Naval Carriers, and other waterborne vessels.
(6)The study of water based life forms and their habitats. The second skill percentage is the medical aspect of marine products and marine animals.
(7)The surveying of sea floors by using sonar and other sensors to chart the sea beds for mining, farming and other reasons.
(8)The farming of foods such as seaweed, kelp and other things that can be grown under the sea. Often used aboard Riviera Class Vessels.
(9)The knowledge of how to move in a Zero-Gravity environment
(10)The Lore skill is a slightly modified version of the Lore:Zentran & Meltran skill from Macross II RPG Book. The Lore skill covers everything and anything missed out by the other skills. However only for a specific subject you choose. For example if your character studied Psychology at University, they would choose the Lore skills as 'Lore:Psychology'. If they studied Military Tactics then it would be 'Lore:Military Tactics'. This skill can be used for almost any knowledge that you character can not reflect from the other skills. However at the GM's discretion.

Deleted Skills

WP-Heavy Energy(Mecha Wpns)
(Mecha weapons knowledge comes from the Weapons Systems Skill)

Officer Status

Several of the below OCC's start characters at enlisted, NCO (Non-Commisioned Officers: Privates, Corporals, etc,) or SNCO (Senior Non-Commisioned Officers: Sergeants, Warrant Officers, etc,) ranks, however your PC's colleagues may well be Officers and you may wish to be one as well. The minimum amount of time it takes to become an Officer is one year at the UN Armed Forces Officers Academy. This is for Infantry/Marine characters, however any other character will have to extend their training time by 6 months to reflect the Officer training they will receive. When they graduate they will be a 2nd Lieutenant, or if they are Navy/Spacy they will an Ensign.

To start as an Officer if your OCC does not start you as one you must have the following. An IQ 10 and one mental or physical attribute of 14 or above. Add 6 months to the training time for Officer Training to the OCC Training Time.

Racial Background

Below is a chart detailing the available races to play within the UN Armed Forces. You can either roll to get your character's race or you can decide which one you want to play. There is no discrimination within the UN, so no matter what race you are you will not find yourself blocked from a particular OCC. However I should stress that Zolanites are few and far between.

01-40   -   Earth Native, 100% human
41-60   -   Half Zentraedi,(Zentraedi Mother)+2d6 SDC, +1D4 to PP & Spd bonuses
61-80   -   Half Zentraedi,(Zentraedi Father)+10 SDC, +1D4 to PS & PE bonuses
81-98   -   Full Zentraedi (See UN/Zentraedi OCC for more details)
99-00   -   Zolanite

Note: Quarter Zentraedi and later generations
Half Zentraedi can (if the dateline permits) be exchanged for Quarter Zentraedi, which the bonuses of:

Quarter Zentraedi,(Zentraedi GrandMother) +1d6 SDC, +1D3 to PP & Spd bonuses
Quarter Zentraedi,(Zentraedi GrandFather) +5 SDC, +1D3 to PS & PE bonuses

Any further generations are considered to be genetically human as far as attributes are concerned, however they can still get the whole range of skin and hair colours that Zentraedi and humans have.

Click HERE for background information on the various races available.

Racial Starting Skills

All characters get the following skills as standard depending upon their racial background. See below.

Human Racial Skills
Maths (+10%), Language: English 96%, Literacy: English 96%, (Native Language & Literacy at 90%)

Zentraedi & Zolanite Racial Skills
Maths (+10%), Language: English 90%, Literacy: English 90%, Language: Zentraedi 96%, Literacy: Zentraedi 96%

Half Zentraedi
Maths (+10%), Language: English 96%, Literacy: English 96%, Language: Zentraedi 90%, Literacy: Zentraedi 90%

Quarter Zentraedi
Maths (+10%), Language: English 96%, Literacy: English 96%, Language: Zentraedi 50%, Literacy: Zentraedi 50%

Place of birth

01-20   -   Homeworld (Earth, Zola)
21-40   -   Sol System Colony(Moon, Mars, Jupiter)
41-60   -   Colony Planet(Eden, Avemaria)
61-80   -   Colonisation Vessel(Megaroad or New Macross)
81-00   -   Cloning Centre(Zentraedi PC's only)

Click HERE for background information on the various places of birth available.

UN Forces Ranks

Click HERE to look at the ranks according to the service you will be in.

Occupational Character Classes

UN Forces OCC's

All Branchs of the UN Armed Forces OCC's
Variable Fighter Pilot(UNS, UNN, UNAF)
Variable Bomber Pilot
Variable Fighter Test Pilot
UN Military Drill Instructor (Coming Soon)
Destroid Pilot
UN/Zentraedi Battlepod/Power Armour Pilot
Intelligence Specialist
Medical Officer
Mecha Engineer
Communications Engineer
Field Scientist
Spiritia Warfare Specialist
UN Military Police

UN Spacy OCC's
UN Spacy Warship Captain
UN Spacy Bridge Operator
UN Spacy Officer
UN Spacy Crewman

UN Navy OCC's
UN Navy Warship Captain
UN Navy Bridge Operator
UN Navy Officer
UN Navy Crewman

UN Air Force OCC's
UN Air Force Officer
UN Air Force Airman

UN Space Marines OCC's
UNSM Marine
UNSM Officer

UN Army OCC's
UN Army Soldier
UN Army Officer

Non-Military OCC's
Police Officer
Civilian VF Test Pilot
Civilian VF/Mecha Designer

Zentraedi OCC's

Zentran Soldier
Zentran Officer
Zentran Command Officer
Zentran Advisor
Meltran Soldier
Meltran Officer
Meltran Command Officer
Meltran Advisor

Anti-UN OCC's

Anti-UN Terrorist
Renegade Power Armour Pilot

Mercenary/Pirate/Criminal OCC's


Varauta OCC's

Varauta Pilot/Infiltrator/Soldier

These OCC's are adaptations of the original Robotech & Macross II OCC's owned by Palladium Books. A fare proportion are my own creations, if you read the books, you'll see which one's I've done.

OCC Wages & Normal Ages for rank

Below are the Pay scales for the 10 Officer and 10 Enlisted/NCO ranks. E1 is the lowest Enlisted/NCO rank, and O-1 is the lowest Officer rank.

Also in rackets () is the normal age to be expected for someone holding that rank. Although this is not perhaps exactly accurate across the world today it will give you a good feel for the general ages. Feel free to modify as you see fit.

E-10   2600/month (46)                   O-10   9000/month (47)
E-9    2200/month (43)                   O-9    7000/month (44)
E-8    2000/month (40)                   O-8    6000/month (41)
E-7    1900/month (35)                   O-7    5500/month (37)
E-6    1850/month (31)                   O-6    5000/month (34)
E-5    1800/month (28)                   O-5    4600/month (31)
E-4    1700/month (24)                   O-4    3800/month (28)
E-3    1500/month (21)                   O-3    3200/month (25)
E-2    1000/month (19)                   O-2    2400/month (23)
E-1    800/month  (16)                   O-1    2000/month (21)
Hazard Pay
Hazard pay is given to personnel that must undertake dangerous jobs, flying patrol, bomb disposal, guarding dangerous prisoners, etc. This reflected by a 10% bonus on top of their monthly wages.

Combat Pay
Combat pay is as it sounds given to personnel that undertake combat. However it relates to pre-meditated combat situations, such as rescue missions where combat will be involved, and assaults, and war.

SDC Levels

Every character has a starting SDC level below is a list of them.

Variable Fighter Pilot                30 SDC
Destroid Pilot                        30 SDC
Spiritia Combat Specialist            25 SDC
UNSM Marine                           30 SDC
UNSM Officer                          30 SDC
Military Specialist                   30 SDC
Mecha Mechanic                        25 SDC
Medical Officer                       20 SDC
Intelligence Officer                  30 SDC
Field Scientist                       20 SDC
Navy/Spacy Warship Captain            30 SDC
Navy/Spacy Bridge Operator            25 SDC
Communications Engineer               25 SDC
UN Military Police                    30 SDC
UN Crewman/Officer                    25 SDC
UN Soldier/Officer                    30 SDC
Civilian                              3D6 SDC
Zentran Soldier                       30 SDC
Zentran Officer                       35 SDC
Meltran Soldier                       30 SDC
Terrorist                             25 SDC
Mercenary                             30 SDC
Varauta                               25 SDC

Military Personnel Free skills

All UN Armed Forces Personnel get the skills below free, they however do not increase in percentage per level as most normal skills do but remain at 30% unless the Player spends one skill slot to buy them.

Military Etiquette (30%)
Lore: UN Armed Forces (30%)

Hopefully this will allow you to better reflect you characters. This is absolutely optional and at your GM's discretion so check with them first.

Dodging against missiles

The various Palladium Books have stated that you can not dodge 4 or more missiles. As can be clearly seen both Isamu & Guld in Macross Plus dodge missiles amounting to 20 or more at various times. Sometime ago a new rule was devised regarding this. Instead of being unable to dodge 4 or more missiles fired at you in a single volley use the variation rule. It will allow more of a realistic anime feel and and prompt better survival rates for your characters.

For every four missiles fired at you in a single volley, make a -1 dodge modifier. So 4-7 missiles would have a -1 dodge modifier, 8-11 would have a -2 dodge modifier and so on.

Hopefully this will make your roleplay sessions more like Macross and mean that you lose less Mecha.